What to Consider When Getting a Home Security System

Head writer of BestHomeAlarmSystemHQ.com, Mike Bristow said that homeowners should pay close attention to a number of factors when deciding what brand of home security system to buy. Bristow said that when a product has a customer review rating lower than C it is a big, red flag sign.

A device that has a wireless monitoring technology is the safest and most reliable option since it has no wires that can be cut and it can be armed or disarmed remotely via your mobile phone or tablet PC.

  1. Customer Service Reviews: The first step in researching a home security company is to look at their Better Business Bureau ratings. Look for a C rating or higher. Consumers should also pay close attention to the number of complaints that are logged by the company over the past year and three years.
  2. Monitoring Technology: Cellular monitoring technology is the most reliable and safest as there are no wires to cut. Steer clear of home security systems that are hard-wired and use a phone line to communicate with the home security is a central monitoring station. Wireless systems are now widely available and can be taken with the homeowners should they ever decide to move.Wireless home security systems are also apartment friendly as there are no wires to run and no holes to drill in the walls.
  3. Remote Features: The second most important factor next to safety is convenience. Home security companies now offer remote mobile features where its possible to arm/disarm the home security system from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Features like streaming video from a wireless camera or receive text messages when doors are opened are just some of the features consumers should look for when purchasing a home security system.

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  • Wireless home security systems are very convenient for people living in apartments because they do not need wires to run, and you don’t have to drill holes to install them.
  • There are numerous home security systems in the market. Since you won’t have the time and expertise to choose the best option for your home, having an expert to consult is a wise decision.

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