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Since criminals are getting more creative in their modus operandi these days, the security camera industry has to keep up, leading American Dynamics to introduce its Illustra 210 and 610LT Mini Domes. The Illustra 201 Mini-Domes boasts of its features such as auto focus, face detection, and motorized zoom; ability to resist condensation and provide a clear view despite of low lighting. The Illustra 610LT, with its recessed plenum-rated mount that is built for is great for indoor surveillance, is a 1080p HD camera with auto focus and motorized zoom lens.

The Illustra 210 Mini-Domes offer Standard Definition (SD) resolution, and include face detection, auto-focus and motorized zoom. The indoor mini-dome comes with a UL plenum-rated mount and features a built-in heater ring that prevents condensation build up, which is detrimental to the camera.  In addition, these mini-domes offer superior quality in low light, and are designed with three mounting options for hard surface, electrical box and recessed mounts built into the dome. These cameras are ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective, yet high-quality camera.

The Illustra 610LT model is an indoor high-definition camera that offers 1080p HD. This camera also includes an auto-focus and motorized zoom lens and recessed plenum-rated mount to meet indoor environmental standards. An economical choice for businesses, this camera comes without audio, alarm contacts or other add-ons, when a full-featured high-definition camera is not required.

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  • American Dynamics has also released its new Theia telephoto lens for 600 and 610 Mini-Domes that can be used indoor or outdoor, and has 9-40mm lens that can enlarge far away objects.
  • The company promotes the products as an economical solution despite of them being high-quality IP cameras.

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