Unusual Tips Against Home Invasions

Although you may find it silly at first reading, the tips given here are unusual but effective in  warding off burglars when you are not at home:

make lifesize cut outs of yourself and place them near the window and on your couch to fool burglars that you are home;

keep your radio on and in high volume when you are not home;

put up a sign that says “THIS PROPERTY IS PROTECTED WITH CCTV SURVEILANCE SYSTEM” and place dog food bowls that say “killer” on your front and back porch;

turn off your phone ringers because it is easy for burglars to know no one is home if the phone keeps ringing;

and buy an alarm system that activates when someone jiggles your door knob and plays a sound of a barking dog.

Ten out of the box home security tips for maximum home safety:

  1. Get a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself and put it a few feet away from a window that’s gives the impression someone is always home.
  2. Get another life-size cutout of you lying on the couch watching TV and keep the TV on while you are gone.
  3. Find a Talk AM radio station and keep it on LOUD all day and night while you are gone.
  4. Plant defensive shrubs or thorny bushes around basement or ground-floor windows that make it difficult for the bad guy to get through.
  5. Buy and install a “This Property is Protected with VIDEO SURVEILANCE” sign.
  6. Get 2 big dog food bowls and write KILLER on them and put them on your front and back porch.
  7. Whenever you leave the home turn phone ringers down or off so the bad guy won’t hear ringing and ringing and ringing when you’re not home…

Source: http://www.homesecuritysource.com/blogs/ten-home-security-tips-you-never-thought-of.aspx

  • Other crazy tips such as recording an answering machine message that says “Sorry I can’t answer the phone right now, I’m busy cleaning my guns, leave a message and I’ll call you back once they are all loaded again” and putting ““POLICE CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS” on your porch might alarm the neighbors, but could prevent burglars from breaking into your home.
  • These tips, however, do not guarantee to outsmart the more experienced burglars.

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