Signs That Your Ignition Switch is Failing

An ignition switch powers not only your car but also its accessories (radio and air-conditioning, for example), so it’s important to know when it’s showing signs of failure.

One sign is when the vehicle engine stalls abruptly when starting the car or after releasing the ignition switch.

Another sign is when the vehicle light malfunctions, just like when a brake light turns on and off despite the brakes working properly.

Another symptom of an ignition switch failure is when a car stalls when the air-conditioner, mp3 player, or radio is turning on while the ignition switch is in the “on” position.

“Engine Stalling
When an ignition switch fails the connection from the switch to the battery terminal will be cut or damaged. As a result the vehicle’s engine may stall without warning or may start as normal but stall when the driver release’s the ignition switch (with their ignition key) to the vehicle’s "run" position. The vehicle’s engine warning lights may not be lit when this type of ignition failure occurs.

Conflicting Electrical Signals
Often symptoms of ignition switch failure will contradict the lack of vehicle warning lights. The vehicle may have a varying "no start, no crank" problem but show no other symptoms such as dashboard warning lights or problems maintaining speed. Also, the vehicle’s brake light may light up and go out though the brakes are working properly…”


  • A broken ignition switch can cause different problems in the car, including start-up failure and electrical problems.
  • Knowing the symptoms of an ignition switch failure allows you to anticipate and avoid further problems.

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