Security Cameras: JVC Offers Performance and Accurate Color Representation

JVC has added the Super Lolux 2 technologies in its entrance surveillance cameras, allowing these new cameras to provide clear images with precise colors even in the absence of light. Both new cameras of JVC are equipped with newly Ex WDR (extended wide dynamic range) and IR- Varifocal lens 3.75x (F=2. 8-10.5mm).

The TK-C230WPRE model’s features include an outer shell that is able to resist water, vandal and dust, and a heater for low temperature environments. The TK-C8301RE has integrated lens, and just like the TK-C230WPRE it is equipped with 3D Noise Reduction technology and uses a 24VAC/12VDC dual voltage power supply unit.

Thanks to Super LoLux 2 technology, JVC’s new cameras deliver outstanding performance and precise color representation, even at virtually zero light levels. Both of these new models are designed to provide a perfect entrance surveillance solution in the critical "5 meters" zone, offering superior monitoring at night time for clear and precise images in these areas without ‘white out’ effects. In addition both models are equipped with new IR-varifocal lens 3.75x (F=2.8-10.5mm), F1.2 to F3.6 and newly developed Ex WDR (extended wide dynamic range). Super LoLux 2 features include high-resolution true 600 TVL images, powered by second generation high performance 14-bit DSP and Extended Wide Dynamic Range Plus function, allowing them to clearly display people and characters in the foreground, even when they’re up against a brightly-lit background. All whilst reducing power consumption by 40% compared to conventional models.


  • JVC claims to be the leading high resolution IP-based video surveillance solutions.
  • The TK-C8301RE and TK-C2301WPRE cameras with Super LoLux 2 technology are to be released in October 2012.

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