Security Solutions for Local Business

Since having just an alarm system does not give enough protection to a business establishment. Value Locksmith has a full range of security products and services systems to prevent unauthorized entry to your store or office, including video surveillance, digital recording and storage device, access control system, full-facility alarm monitoring, intercommunication, and security monitoring. We […]

Caring for Your Home Security System

As any important device in your home, you want your home security system to perform at its maximum capacity, and for this to happen you must know how it works; you should know every setting and other functions of the device and orient all your family members regarding the steps in arming and disarming the […]

Bump-Proof Locks

Lock bumping–the forceful opening of a deadbolt lock using a bump key that jolts the lock pins up–makes the highest quality deadbolt locks in the market useless against a home invasion. If you feel unsafe with your deadbolt lock, which is reasonable, you can seek other door lock options. Kaba, a leading brand in security […]

Car Key Replacement Prices – What To Expect

A car owner in London, quoting another displeased owner, has come to a conclusion that most car companies charge an “exorbitant” amount for a replacement car key. According to the source, an average price of the key from Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, Vauxhall, and Audi was £174–or $280. Among the 5 biggest car manufacturers, Ford charged […]

Car Security – Power Door Locks Explained

Knowing how power door locks work (considering that there are four to five different ways of unlocking a car) allows car owners to understand their car more. A computer inside the car, called body controller, monitors and respond to all the possible ways to unlock the car door, including radio frequency and digital codes. Once […]

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