Maximizing Access Control Systems

There is now a competitively-priced access system that can protect companies from unauthorized entry attempts inside their building, made possible by linking the access to a CCTV camera so pictures of anyone who makes an unauthorized attempt to an establishment will be recorded.

The benefits of this type of system, aside from the obvious, includes easy location of a particular event because of the logs.

Linked installations make it possible to directly access CCTV images, and to start recording manually with just one click of the mouse. Since the IP connectivity in this modern access control  system can also be used virtually anywhere where there’s internet connect, can also be used for web-bookings for hotel rooms, conference rooms, etcetera.

It’s worth looking briefly at what users can expect from CCTV connectivity. In addition to the example mentioned of recording failed access attempts, the best systems can be set up to provide CCTV recording for any type of access event including, for example, every use of a card swipe or keypad.

In addition, these systems allow users to decide for themselves which types of events should be monitored.

The link between access control and CCTV isn’t limited to triggering recordings; it can also tie the recordings to the access control log. This is a particularly valuable feature, as it allows specific events to be quickly located without having to trawl through hours of video. It would be quick and easy, for example, to view all the access attempts made with a particular card or all attempts made at a specific access point. 


  • Some manufacturers of access control systems have made it possible for clients to upgrade from bottom to mid to high end systems.
  • In considering what type of access control system to buy, remember that having any type is better than not having any at all.

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