Locksmith Services Remain In Demand – Even In This Economy

The general state of the economy greatly affects the demand for locksmith’s services; when the economy went downhill a few years ago a lot of people became incapable of purchasing a new home, leading to less demand for this kind of service for new homes.

However, reposessions of homes became the trend during the economic recession, contributing to the rise in demand for same service.

The state of housing market as well as the rate of crime and how security conscious people are also play important roles in the rise and fall in the demand for locksmith services. Competion, not just among locksmiths but also key cutting outlets and DIY shops, also affect the demand for locksmith services.

…The property market recovered a little in 2010 (boosted by the scrapping of the Home Information Packs) and the number of repossessions fell as a result, and this trend continued into 2011.
Levels of domestic crime have continued to rise and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for security. Insurance companies have played a significant part in raising awareness. Householders may be offered lower insurance premiums on contents insurance if their property is fitted with certain security devices. Despite increasingly sophisticated locks and security systems, car crime remains persistently high and demand for lock repair and replacement continues.


  • The over-all health of the economy, the state of the real estate market, the number of new houses built and repossesions, the rate of crime and how security conscious people are, and competition are the major factors that affect the sucess of a locksmith company.
  • Trade associations for locksmiths include The Master Locksmiths Association, The Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL),  and the The Auto Locksmith Association (ALA).
  • Going to a trade show of the locksmith industry will help you learn more about the business, and network with suppliers, manufacturers and importers.

Learning more about the locksmith service industry helps you make an informed decison on which type of service you truly need. For more information about locksmith service that suits your need, whether it be your office, car or home, call on Value Locksmith.

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