Lock Bumping – A Real Danger to Home Security

A deadbolt lock is not the safest home security solution anymore because of lock bumping.

A burglar can unlock the highest quality deadbolt lock by inserting a bump key into the hole and applying force (hence, bumping) to cause the lock pins to move, allowing the plug of the lock to rotate and the door to open.

Also called as a “999 key”, a bump key is not a new tool of thieves, but it has entered mass consciousness once again after a YouTube video on how to make a bump key became viral on the internet.

Key bumping is a covert entry technique against pin-tumbler locks that uses a specially prepared key to "bump" top pins above the shear-line to allow the plug to rotate.

There are two types of key bumping, pull-out and minimal movement, but both produce similar forensic evidence on the bump key and the lock…

To bump a lock, a key is acquired that fits the keyway of the lock. The key is modified so that all cuts are at their lowest depths or lower. This is commonly referred to as a "999 key," because 9 is usually the designated lowest cut depth. If done by hand, a key gauge or micrometer can be used to measure the key and ensure cuts are deep enough. If done with a key machine, the key may be duplicated from a working bump key, or cut by code to the lowest depths.

Source: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/2011/june/home-garden/best-door-locks/the-truth-behind-bump-keys/index.htm

  • Bump key is called such because you have to apply a pressure (bump) on the key to force the top pins of a lock to jump, something that even a child can do.
  • The reliability of deadbolt locks is greatly diminished by lock bumping, but there are bump-proof locks you can use to replace the traditional lock in your home.
  • Anti-bump locks resist the the kinetic energy or force from a bump key to its pins, while keyless access control systems that opens to a proximity card or fingerprint identification.

Because making a bump key is not  a secret to anyone anymore, having only a deadbolt lock for your door is not the best way to secure your home against a home invasion.

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