Is Your Mobile Gadget a Reliable Security Access Device?

Tablets and mobile phones are the hottest gadgets in the market, and experts are looking to further develop these platforms into reliable security devices.

Axis Communications’ strategic channel manager, Steve Surfaro, said that applications in tablets (Google Wallet, for instance) are used to hold loyalty cards and credit cards, and NFC-enabled mobile devices are now becoming platforms for access control and credentialing.

Despite the concern over the reliability of mobile devices and tablets as security access devices because they lack sustainable batteries, Surfaro remain positive that these devices will be useful to the security device market.

Surfaro said the expansion in mobile solutions will include near field communications and financial transactions. NFC-enabled mobile devices are increasingly being used for access control and credentialing, while apps like Google Wallet allow users to store credit cards and loyalty cards on their smartphones or tablets.

“Mobile devices provide simple accessibility,” Surfaro said. “As these financial instruments are put more and more in the cloud, the devices to access them will proliferate. … This is going to allow you, as the [company] owner/operator, to be able to deploy security apps more and to sell more security devices.”


  • Tablets are useful in forensics because users can have multiple screens which make it convenient for playing back information.
  • Smart phones and tablets are now considered the hottest trend in security.

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