In-Room Safes Replacing Front Desk Safes in Hotels

Many hotels these days equip their rooms with safes to replace the safety deposit boxes in reception area.

In Minnesota, the deemed advantages of having an in-room safe is include control over your valuables (you have access to your valuables all the time without needing to go down to the reception), while its disadvantages include additional $1 fee for usage.

How about you? Which safe system do you prefer?

Proper management of hotel safety deposit box include filing guests’ box record along with their folio so they won’t forget they have a box, keeping unused keys in a locked place, and giving guests privacy when they are putting or removing something from their box.

“More and more hotels are either using in-room safes for securing guest valuables or even foregoing having safety deposit boxes available for guest use at all. This is creating some confusion as to how to take advantage of the protection hotels enjoy under Innkeeper’s Law regarding the loss of guest valuables.

In spite of the availability of the in-room safes, I believe a hotel must continue to accept and deposit valuables and to be prepared to, "give the guest a receipt for them" (the valuables). The passive in-room system is not covered by Innkeeper Liability if the Innkeeper does not comply with Minnesota Statute 327.71 in its entirety. In other words, a guest who loses his or her property in the guest room, whether they use the in-room safe or not, has a claim against the hotel if the hotel does not comply with all the details of the law.”


  • Debate over whether to use in-room safes or traditional safety box services in hotels only goes to show how important is the security of valuables in this industry.
  • When checking in hotels, ask about security options for your valuables to ensure they are protected from harm.

A safety box is now a necessity for business establishments and homes.

You don’t need to be wealthy nor run a big company to own a safe; you only need to have something of value to secure from fire, flood, and thieves as a reason to own one.

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