How To Defend Yourself Against Car Theft

With one car stolen every 24 seconds in the United States, it is imperative to know how to protect yourself from car thieves, and one way is to to know how a criminal mind works. Car thieves usually wait around parking lots of shopping centers, movie houses, event venues, ATM, or anywhere where you can unwittingly leave your car unattended to run a short errand.

A car thief will use a number of tricks to get into your car; figure out a way to deactivate your car alarm, smash the windows, or even copy your vehicle information to get a replacement key from the manufacturer. A word to the wise, always park your car where there is security (whenever possible), don’t leave valuable things inside your car that can attract car thieves, don’t put your spare keys in a magnetic box attached to the underside of your car, and store away your car’s registration and insurance information.

1. Bump against the car to check for a car alarm.
Since it seems like everything from a loud Harley to a rumbling garbage truck can set off a car alarm, people have been conditioned to tune them out. Instead of a motion-sensitive car alarm, use one that has a pager that will notify you as soon as your alarm is activated.
2. Break the window or jimmy the lock to gain entry into a locked car.
Don’t tempt car thieves. Keep valuables out of plain sight. Take them with you or store them in the trunk. Also, if you have a stereo with a removable face plate, take it with you instead of tucking it away in the glove box.
3. Cut the steering wheel itself if there’s a steering wheel lock.
Instead of locking just your steering wheel, "lock" your car’s ability to go by using a starter disable switch and putting it in a place where only you can get to it.
4. Look for exposed wiring that can be cut or for the central unit of the car alarm to deactivate it.
Instead of going to a big retail chain store, have your car alarm installed by a professional car alarm installer, preferably a reasonably shady one. Unlike retail chain employees, these experts know what it takes to make your car elusive to crooks…


  • It is always wise to do all the steps needed to defend your car against thieves when you leave it unattended.
  • Not driving a car in the most-stolen cars list is not just enough to ensure that you are protected; layering your car with anti-theft protection is a better and wiser way.

When it comes to anti-theft protection measures for your car, you should consult an expert. Locksmiths are trusted by many when it comes to car theft protection. For advice on, and installation, repair and upgrade of your car locks, contact Value Locksmith.

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