History of Locks and Keys

The science and art of locksmithing is sometimes said to be the second oldest profession in the word since it is man’s nature to guard his possessions.

The history of locks and keys have a special place in industrial archeology, with archeologists retrieving and studying ancient locks and keys which were first crafted from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Locks and keys have been associated with great treasures and secrets, linking to famous people like Hitler and King George III.

Of course there are also interesting stories surrounding some artefacts in the collection. Like any custodian of a collection of artefacts we to research into their use and background. Take for instance the Boda-Panza lock and its association with Von Ribbontrop, Hitlers foreign minister, just before WWII. Or the relationship of King George III and George Davis of Windsor, who was locksmith in ordinary to His Majesty. Davis, in 1799, invented and patented a unique style of lock, which was also beautifully engraved with a warning not to make duplicate keys. Sensitive government secrets always demanded, then as today, locks that were state of the art. Davis locks ended up on government dispatch boxes of the time. Our research takes us on many adventures in search of treasure, not so much the contents of strongboxes and safes, but those actual objects of the locksmiths craft of past ages is the "treasure" we actively seek out, and this also very often extends both the collection and our knowledge. 

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  • Ensuring that our homes and possessions are safe fulfill our psychological need for security.
  • The history of locks and keys not only reveals the nature of men to secure his possessions but also his nature to covet.

Since ancient times people have known the importance of securing one’s possessions. We should be thankful that as technology advances we have become more capable to protect what is ours because of the help of locksmiths. Hire a locksmith now, call on Value Locksmith at 1-877-399-8882.

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