Even The CIA Needs Locksmiths

Although secretive how the skills of locksmiths would specifically be utilized, CIA has announced that they are recruiting locksmiths or, as CIA calls them, “technical operations officers” who are knowledgeable in manual and electronic safe lock servicing, alarms and electricity. Successful candidates must be ready to train non-technical people about their craft, assemble parts for lock mechanisms while on the move, and travel around the world. These technical operations officers, according to CIA, are going to perform missions to serve their country.

"The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking locksmiths to work with the best minds in the country while performing a mission critical to our nation," reads the announcement.Locksmiths, who would be classified as "technical operations officers" within the CIA hierarchy, will "familiarize non-technical people with technical capabilities; do hands-on work; and travel worldwide."Successful candidates will possess the ability to make parts for lock mechanisms on the fly, according to the job posting. ‘Knowledge of electronic and manual safe lock servicing, electricity, and alarms is ideal. Knowing how to operate machinery to fabricate lock parts and tools will be beneficial."

Source: http://usgovinfo.about.com/cs/jobsemployment/a/aacialocks.htm

  • Knowledge in machine operation and lock parts and tool creation is also a must for aspiring  CIA locksmiths.
  • CIA is planning to use locksmiths for a wide range of missions.

Even CIA has acknowledged the importance of locksmiths. Locksmiths are essential not only in the government but also in private companies and homes. If you want to know more about locksmiths or how you can protect your business, home or car by hiring a locksmith, contact Value Locksmith today.

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