Does Your Door Lock Provide the Best Protection?

It might surprise you that many deadbolt locks in the market can easily be defeated by a well-placed kick, considering that kicking a door open is one of the most common ways to break into someone’s home. Based from a test that went on for weeks, most door locks have inadequate parts (flimsy strike plates), and low protection against drilling. Even expensive high-tech locks that promise maximum protection without the need for lock change or hiring a locksmith, failed the durability test.

Parts are often inadequate

All locks come with a strike plate that attaches to the door frame. But as we’ve reported in the past, far too many of those are flimsy. Except for the Assa M80, $95, the kick-in resistance of most locks improved dramatically when we replaced the strike plates with a Mag High Security Box Strike, $10. You can buy it, or its equivalent, at home centers and online. But we think a lock should be secure without your having to buy another part.

Drills easily open most locks

With all except the two locks classified as high-security, even an ordinary cordless drill could drill out the cylinders in 2 minutes or less. Our tests on the Assa and Medeco, which have hardened cylinders across the product line, ruined the locks but denied access—so you’d have to replace the lock but not your home’s contents.


  • A few door lock products have withstood the test of, including Medeco Maxum 11WC60L, Prestige 93800-001, Box Strike, $10, and Kwikset 99800-087.
  • The test raises the question, Is your home truly secure against thieves? Let’s keep in mind that in a national survey conducted by the organization, 67% of the respondents uses a deadbolt lock to protect their home from break-ins.

Not all door locks who promise that your house will be given maximum protection will live up to their promise. A wiser homeowner would consult a professional locksmith regarding the best ways to protect his/her home. Contact Value Locksmith for more information.

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