Crime Map Reports – Know Your Neighborhood

If you are planning on moving to a new neighborhood, a crime map that provides an assessment of the risk factors or crime rate in that neighborhood is useful when you make a decision.

Crime maps are used by the law enforcement agencies, concerned citizens, and neighborhood associations to find crime hot spots and assess crime trends to further increase the security of homes.

When you get a free crime score report, the crime score index compares the rate of the risk of crime at a specific location to the national average; for instance, a crime index score of 184 means that the risk of crime in that address or area is 1.84 times that of the national average.

The scores to the right indicate the relative risk of crime at the address/site listed as compared to the national average. A Crime Index score of 256 means the risk of crime at the location is 2.56 times that of the national average. The scores are the weighted average of the areas around your location. Blue areas are areas where crime is least likely to occur; in Orange areas, opportunity for crime is high. The Crime Index scores may assist you in better understanding your relative risk of crime while determining your security needs.


  • You can get a free crime report through the site.
  • Crime maps are relied on by law enforcement agencies and other sectors to know the crime trends in the neighborhood and adjacent areas.

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