CCTV Camera Lenses – What Type of Lenses Do You Need?

When selecting a lens for security cameras, there are two main things that need to be considered.

Selecting The Right Lens For Your CCTV Security Cameras

The first issue is whether or not the camera has to deal with changes in lighting, which determines whether or not an auto or a manual iris lens is needed.

Outdoor CCTV Camera Lens

If the camera is going to be placed outdoors or near doors and windows, an auto iris lens is the way to go. As the name suggests, auto iris lens automatically adjusts to changes in light, ensuring that the picture will not be too bright or too dark.

Indoor CCTV Camera Lens

If the security camera is going to be indoors in a location that has a consistent light source, a manual iris lens is a very practical option. Because they are less technical, manual iris tend to be the lowest-cost lenses on the market.

CCTV Field of View

The second issue is and how close a camera needs to zoom in on a field of view, which determines whether or not a vari-focal or a fixed lens is needed.

Vari-Focal Security Camera Lenses

Vari-focal lenses give the camera great versatility, as they have the option to adjust both vertically and horizontally and give a zoom lens a range of focal lengths. These lenses are designed to pick up greater detail and close-up images, which makes them ideal for cameras that are monitoring a cash drawer.

Fixed Lenses On Security Cameras

There are other locations where an adjustable lens is not as important, which is where a fixed lens comes into play. The downside to fixed lenses is that they are pre-set at the factory and cannot be adjusted at all. However, they are significantly cheaper than vari-focal lenses and can still offer the needed viewing in the right setting.

It is important to remember that both cameras and lenses come in variable sizes. A lens that does not match the same format size of the camera is completely useless, regardless of the type of lens needed.

Get Help With CCTV Lenses

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