Car Key Replacement Prices – What To Expect

A car owner in London, quoting another displeased owner, has come to a conclusion that most car companies charge an “exorbitant” amount for a replacement car key. According to the source, an average price of the key from Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, Vauxhall, and Audi was £174–or $280. Among the 5 biggest car manufacturers, Ford charged […]

Car Security – Power Door Locks Explained

Knowing how power door locks work (considering that there are four to five different ways of unlocking a car) allows car owners to understand their car more. A computer inside the car, called body controller, monitors and respond to all the possible ways to unlock the car door, including radio frequency and digital codes. Once […]

Signs That Your Ignition Switch is Failing

An ignition switch powers not only your car but also its accessories (radio and air-conditioning, for example), so it’s important to know when it’s showing signs of failure. One sign is when the vehicle engine stalls abruptly when starting the car or after releasing the ignition switch. Another sign is when the vehicle light malfunctions, […]

Car Stolen Along With a Sleeping Boy Inside

A father in Modesto, California was surprised when his car was stolen after he left it for just a few minutes; making matters worse, his sleeping son inside the car was also taken. Luckily for the boy, the car thieves drop him off on the 1700 block of Dallas Street uninjured. Police are still looking […]

Do You Know The Anti-Theft Devices for Your Car?

Although car thieves abound, there are still ways to protect your car from being stolen; using anti-theft devices is one of them. Anti-theft devices include steering-wheel lock, hood lock, tire lock,  gearshift locks, electronic immobilizers, kill switch, car alarm, vehicle tracking, vehicle identification number etching, and vehicle tracking system. You must consider the cost of […]

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