What a Qualified Locksmith Can Do for You?

Aside from letting you inside your house after you accidentally locked yourself out, there are many reasons why you need to hire a locksmith.   An experienced locksmith is hired because of wide experience in the field of security, making him/her very professional in his work with the right tools to solve your problem. A […]

Security Solutions for Local Business

Since having just an alarm system does not give enough protection to a business establishment. Value Locksmith has a full range of security products and services systems to prevent unauthorized entry to your store or office, including video surveillance, digital recording and storage device, access control system, full-facility alarm monitoring, intercommunication, and security monitoring. We […]

Bump-Proof Locks

Lock bumping–the forceful opening of a deadbolt lock using a bump key that jolts the lock pins up–makes the highest quality deadbolt locks in the market useless against a home invasion. If you feel unsafe with your deadbolt lock, which is reasonable, you can seek other door lock options. Kaba, a leading brand in security […]

In-Room Safes Replacing Front Desk Safes in Hotels

Many hotels these days equip their rooms with safes to replace the safety deposit boxes in reception area. In Minnesota, the deemed advantages of having an in-room safe is include control over your valuables (you have access to your valuables all the time without needing to go down to the reception), while its disadvantages include […]

Banks are Using Hand Recognition for Safe Box Access

Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union has made use of biometric technology for secure access to its safes. Just like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the financial institution hired the service of Recognition Systems to provide them with HandKey, a technology that allows safe owners to access their safe using only their own hand and […]

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