Caring for Your Home Security System

As any important device in your home, you want your home security system to perform at its maximum capacity, and for this to happen you must know how it works; you should know every setting and other functions of the device and orient all your family members regarding the steps in arming and disarming the device in case of emergency.

In caring for your home security system, you should schedule a routine check up as instructed in the manual. If you think that there is something wrong with your security system do not hesitate to call your provider… it is better to be safe than sorry.

Things work best when you take good care of them. This includes your home security system. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your system performing at the highest quality. 

Test your system regularly. It is recommended that you test your system as often as possible and read the system manual to follow its suggested testing intervals. Also be sure to keep a simple system instruction sheet handy to help avoid confusion. 

Know how to use your system. Every home is different, so there may be settings you don’t use very often or may not fully understand. The entire family should know how to arm and disarm the system as part of your emergency plan. Get up to date on keypad codes and combinations by watching the ADT Home Alarm System Demo. 


  • One tip is to write a short and simple version of the “Instruction for Use” of the security system for all the family members to see and understand.
  • In the websites of security system companies, you can see a demo about how to use the keypad codes and combinations function of the security system.

To ensure your home safety against break ins, we recommend that you get  a locksmith, who will not just install a security system in your home, but will survey your home to determine the best possible security solutions that you need.

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