Car Stolen Along With a Sleeping Boy Inside

A father in Modesto, California was surprised when his car was stolen after he left it for just a few minutes; making matters worse, his sleeping son inside the car was also taken.

Luckily for the boy, the car thieves drop him off on the 1700 block of Dallas Street uninjured. Police are still looking for the whereabouts of the burglars who managed to steal the 2002 black Mercury Grand Marquis.

The 2002 black Mercury Grand Marquis was stolen from Butte Avenue and Olympia Street in south Modesto around 9 p.m., Stanislaus County sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Bejaran said.

A man, his nephew and 8-year-old son were in the area regarding a bullying issue with the nephew. The man said he left his son in the car because he was sleeping and walked up to the home with his nephew. The conversation escalated into an argument and the man and nephew decided to leave.

When they headed back toward the car, they found that it was stolen with the 8-year-old still inside, Bejaran said. Within 2 minutes, the boy was dropped off on the 1700 block of Dallas Street by the female suspect. Bejaran said she then fled the scene.


  • The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department provided a number to call (209-525-7114) in case anyone has information about the case.
  • The police will not include kidnapping in the investigation of the case. 

The incident would have been avoided if the car had an alarm system to alert the owner of a break-in attempt; in addition, if the car had been equipped with a gps tracking device, it will be easier to locate the car after it was stolen. Experienced car burglars can unlock and steal your car in just a few minutes, so it is always wise to hire a locksmith that can survey your car and install the most appropriate anti-theft products to ensure its safety at all times. For locksmiths you can trust, call on Value Locksmith.

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