Bump-Proof Locks

Lock bumping–the forceful opening of a deadbolt lock using a bump key that jolts the lock pins up–makes the highest quality deadbolt locks in the market useless against a home invasion.

If you feel unsafe with your deadbolt lock, which is reasonable, you can seek other door lock options. Kaba, a leading brand in security solutions, provide alternatives for a deadbolt lock, including bump-resistant keys and keyless control access systems.

Kaba’s bump resistant key such as experT™ Bump Resistant Locks  have pins that  do not react to bumping technique, while Kaba’s keyless access control system such as elolegic™ Bump Resistant Locks is completely safe from bump keying because this advanced system needs a proximity card to be accessed.

Market leading anti-bumping and bump resistant locks are virtually bump proof. Bump resistant cylinders from Kaba are the most secure Keying Systems to stop bumping method forced entry occurring through the use of bump keys. These solutions include Kaba experT™ and pExtra™ high security keying systems and new Anti-Bump™ technology for standard everyday keys and cylinders. Keyless Access Contol systems allow for pushbutton PIN code, biometric fingerprint and proximity card access control with product ranges including Kaba elolegic™, E-Flash™, E-Plex™ and Simplex™.

Source: http://www.kaba.com.au/33406/bump-proof-locks.html

  • Kaba has other bump resistant locks available, including Anti-Bump™ Bump Resistant Locks and pExtra™ Bump Resistant Locks; Kaba’s other keyless access control systems are E-Plex™ Bump Resistant Locks, Simplex™ Bump Resistant Locks, and E-Flash™ Bump Resistant Locks.
  • The Legic chip technology of Kaba allows the elologic to be used for time attendance in an office and car park barrier solution.

Although keyless access control systems and bump-resistant locks are a more reliable option in securing your home or office, it takes an expert locksmith to install them and to provide you with the best protection you need for your home or office.

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