ASSA Abloy: Security and Access Control in Universities

Concern about security of students, ASSA Abloy Access Control has launched a downloadable white paper to bring about awareness on access control and security measures in a university setting.

Available on its website, the white paper deals with the security situation in schools, the legal consequences of failing to protect students from harm, and highlights the latest innovation that can potentially provide security solutions that will work in universities.

The white paper entitled, “What degree of risk should students accept?” also takes into great consideration the opinion of the student body.

Says ASSA ABLOY Access Control Managing Director Matt Thomas, author of the white paper: “In the last decade there has been an explosion in purpose built student accommodation operated by private companies, many offering all the modern facilities normally found in housing developments brought by young career professionals in major cities.

“But in many cases, the security and access control systems have either not kept pace with the rest of technology or remain outdated, putting students at risk. This has led to the establishment of national managements standards that incorporate requirements for the safety and security of students.

“In this white paper, we have attempted not only to raise awareness of these issues but also to demystify and stimulate a debate to establish access control solutions available, which can be adopted cost effectively whether for use in a traditional university owned halls of residence or in privately funded student accommodation.”


  • Access Control Managing Director Matt Thomas said that security and access control systems in universities have not kept up with the latest innovations.
  • The white paper aims to spark a debate among people concerned to find a possible solution for the concerns in security and access control solutions.

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