Access Control Systems Offer More Than Security

A modern access control system obviously provides security in controlling the entry of people in an establishment, but Alistair Enser of  Siemens Building Technologies Division, Security Products Business Segment , explains other benefits of this system to an organization.

Access control systems can convert attendance data to payroll data; provide security within the building since it can limit access entry depending on the employee and his/her designated work floor or department; and help the company save cost because it can limit access of company machines (like photocopy machines) to authorized employees. It also reduces energy bill because access system is the can disable electricity in areas not used by employees.

The picture that comes into most people’s minds when thinking about access control systems is someone offering a badge up to a card reader to unlock a door or release a barrier so that they can get into or out of a building. And, of course, this is a primary function for most installations. The capabilities of modern access control systems extend far beyond simply controlling who can get into a building. In this article, Alistair Enser of Siemens Building Technologies Division, Security Products business segmentexplores how access control can be used as an effective tool to enhance business efficiency and benefit an organisation in number of ways…


  • Access control systems can also manage parking by controlling entry and exit of cars, and detecting if the parking floor is already full or has a vacancy.
  • These systems are good investments for organizations as they provide multiple benefits.

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